Developing the Talent in Young People

Statistical research of Dr Benjamin Bloom on 120 individuals who became experts in their field before 35 found some common themes:

  •  Most became involved in their field before the age of 12.
  •  Most received one-on-one instruction that was tailored to their individual needs
  •  Most practiced 15 – 25 hours per week
  •  Most were able to display their progress publicly

Bloom’s findings prompted him to theorize a three-phase learning process that happened for talented individuals who achieved international success. Over the course of 15 to 20 years, each individual would progress through:

  1. A Romantic Phase – During this phase, the individual would play with and explore within their
      chosen field. Children would learn the fundamentals of their field and develop a love for their craft. 
  2. A Precision Phase – During this phase, a master teacher would instill technical skills and promote
      long term development. Talents went from “playing soccer to being a soccer player.” 
  3. An Integration Phase – During this phase, the individual would train with a master teacher
      for hours a day and live with others who shared common goals/interests. Their learned skills
      would ultimately translate into performance.

For phase 2 and 3 each talent is dependent to find the right teacher and to receive the necessary amount of attention and care. This can be a significant investment for any talent, his family and even for his current club.

Kicker Advisors aims to develop structures enabling the talents' individual development by financially supporting their current clubs. Building up a portfolio of minority transfer rights in those talents, Kicker Advisors intends to realize a decent return for its investors while following this philosophy.