Key people

Diego Carlos Graieb

Diego Carlos Graieb – 12 years professional soccer and 6 years of scouting experience

Diego started his professional soccer career 1993 with Talleres de Cordoba, where he played until 1998. Afterwards he played for Atletico Tucuman until 2000, from where he transfered to Huracán Parque Patricios and then from 2001 on he was with Los Andes. In January 2002 he transferred to Platense, where he was the top scorer and was elected player of the year and moved at the end of the season to Racing Ferrol in Spain, where he stayes until the end of 2003. The 2004 and 2005 season Diego played for Lanus in Argentina, where he finished his active soccer career. Since 2006 until 2011 he worked as sports director in Urugay with the principal responsibility to identify new talents.

Rodolfo Graieb

Rodolfo Graieb – 15 years of professional soccer and 4 years as trainer in Argentina’s first division

Rodolfo started his professional career with Talleres de Cordoba in 1994, where he played until 1997 and transfered to Club Atletico Hurracan. In 2003 he transfered to Barcelona Sporting Club for 2 years and finally played from 2005 until 2009 with Lanus, where he finished his active career. Since 2009 he is the sport director Talleres de Cordoba.

Francisco Vazquez-Bürger

Francisco Vazquez-Bürger – 11 years of legal practice

Francisco is partner with Abogados Abelardo Vazquez Conde, a legal firm with the major focus on employment law and corporation law in an international context, he is also a FIFA approved player advisor. He studied Economics in Nürnberg and afterwards Law in the university of Vigo, Spain with emphasis on international law and EU law. He started his professional career as corporate lawyer for a listed company. In 2008 he was company secretary for a US stocklisted corporation and member of the board. During this time until 2010 he was mainly in charge for an IPO (Xetra & Parkett) at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Mathieu Jaus

Mathieu Jaus – 14 Jahre CFO of FC Basel and 16 years of auditing

Mathieu has been a member of the board and in charge of all finances since the incorporation of the FC Basel AG in 1998 – during this time the FC Basel won 6 titles as Swiss Champion and 5 times the Cup final. Mathieu also audits the Swiss Soccer Association NW. Mathieu studied Accounting & Audit at the HSG St.Gallen and started his career as auditor with PWC in 1993, where he also became a Certified Tax and Accounting Auditor. Since 2000 he is CEO of his own audit company.

Lars Schmidt-Ott

Lars Schmidt-Ott – 17 years in Finance

Lars has been CEO of the Capital Effciency Group AG since 2002, the leading Mezzanine platform for SME in Europe with € 2,2 bn AUM. Before CEG Lars was Member of the Executive Team of Swiss Re New Markets and in charge of Global Banking. He was also a Managing Director for the investment bank Fox, Pitt-Kelton. Before Swiss Re he was with Boston Consulting Group and with the department for Mergers & Acquisitions of UBS. Lars studied Finance at the HSG St Gallen and the Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris

Pedro Bilar

Pedro Bilar – 35 years of General Management and Private Equity

Pedro is currently a Senior Investment Advisor for Invision Private Equity with focus on consumer products and innovative enterprises in a variety of sectors. Before he spearheaded the business development activities of the Capital Efficiency Group (CEG), which became the market leader in mezzanine financing in Europe. He served in the Management Boards of UTC, then Switzerland’s largest trading and marketing company, and AMC International. In Germany, Pedro was the Corporate Marketing Director and Sales Manager of the Colonia Insurance Group. Pedro is originally from Argentina, but in the course of his professional activities, he has lived and worked in a variety of countries and cultures in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Pedro Bilar holds an M.B.A. from INSEAD, as well as an M.A. and a Ph.D. (ABD) in Political Science from Brown University.