FOCUS ON THE TALENT : priority is the training and care of young players in their clubs

PORTFOLIO DIVERSIFICATION : Building a portfolio of 20 - 40 Talents to diversify and reduce the risk

RESPECT THE INDIVUAL DEVELOPMENT : relieve pressure from the home country club for early transfers

THE GAME FIRST : minority shares leave all decision power with the clubs

TRANSPARENCY AND PRICING DISCIPLINE : we know the market and are a disciplined long term investor with a portfolio approach, i.e. we will not fuel price inflation, which usually results from immanent gaps in the squad of top teams for a specific position

STABILITY : the additional source of finance can help to stabilize the financials of a club and ensure its longterm survival

LONG TERM STRATEGY : as our investment horizon is 4 to 5 years, together with the club we will use our resources to support the selected players' long term development

INFORMATION LEVERAGE : through our wide European soccer network, we can support information and checks and balances for the Argentinian clubs.